The Sonixtek AL series ultrasonic cleaners are designed for industrial and professional demanding applications where powerful cleaning is required. Its innovative automated lifting system with agitation allows easy loading and unloading of objects in the tank, and the agitation function provides better cleaning. The machine is driven by a Siemens PLC and is controlled via a large 7-inch touch screen. The filtration system with oil separation system ensures that the cleaning solution can be used several times.  

The ultrasonic cleaners of the AL Industrial Lift Series are suitable for use in high-demanding industries with endless applications, such as in the following industries: mechanical and electronic workshops, engine overhaul, metal processing industry, production of aerospace parts, weapon industry, chemical processing industry. 


  • 7-inch touchscreen
  • Siemens PLC 8xI 6xO
  • Thick walled tank stainless steel 304
  • Exterior stainless steel 304 panel with anti-fingerprint
  • Stainless steel submersible transducer boxes 316L
  • Reinforced Pneumatic platform with agitation up to 2000kg
  • Laminar flow system + filtration system + oil separation system
  • Adjustable heating 30°C – 100°C
  • Sweep and degas
  • Compressed Air gun
  • Working frequency 28kHz or 40kHz (other frequencies possible)
  • Insulated tank lid with diamond shaped drip system (automatic lid optional)
  • Sloping bottom to facilitate cleaning
  • Lockable castor wheels and silent block legs
  • 1” water inlet ball valve and a 1” water drainage

* – Optional features


Model  AL-2000
Volume 2000 liters 
Tank Dimensions * 175 x 110 x 108 cm
Useful Tank Dimenions * 160 x 87 x 75 cm
External Dimensions * 310 x 160 x 229.5 cm
Max. Load Capacity (kg) 1000
Power Supply 400V
Heating Power (Watt)  24000
Ultrasonic Power (Watt)  20400
Working Frequency 28kHz , 40kHz
No. of Transducers 200
Tank Material Stainless steel AISI304 (2.5mm)
Weight (kg) 1300

*  – All dimensions are indicated as Length x Width x Height (=Width x Depth x Height) in cm

Time Saving 

Ultrasonic cleaners can remove contaminants faster and better than other types of cleaners. 

Contaminant Removal 

Ultrasonic cleaners can remove an endless variety of contaminants. 

Complex Microscopic Cleaning 

The use of high-frequency waves and cleaning detergents improve the overall cleaning action, reaching all surfaces even at the tiniest crevices. 

Gentle Cleaning 

Ultrasonic cleaners remove contaminants without abrasion or scrubbing. 

Low Power Consumption 

Cleaning is done through efficient electrical energy and transducers, keeping power consumption to a minimum.  

Environmentally Friendly 

Reduction/replacement of hazardous solvents and a lower total energy consumption. 

General Workshop 

Diesel Injection Workshops 

Grinding Workshops 

Turbocharger Workshops 

Engine Repair and Rebuilding Work 

Gearbox Repair Shops 


Heavy Machinery

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