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  • Rochesterlaan 11, 8470 Gistel, Belgium

About Sonixtek


Sonixtek is one of the leading European ISO-certified manufacturers of industrial ultrasonic cleaners based in Belgium. The company started in 2006 and has since then been manufacturing a wide range of industrial ultrasonic cleaners and related accessories. Thanks to the excellent adaptability of its assembly plants, Sonixtek is able to deliver ultrasonic cleaners and customised units to suit every customers’ unique needs.  

Product quality and customer experience are extremely important to us. Our aim is to provide excellent value in sustainable and high-quality industrial cleaners and services around the globe through meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our partners, clients, and customers. 

silver 800-litre industrial ultrasonic cleaner with touchscreen control panel

Sonixtek provides high quality and affordable ultrasonic cleaners.”

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