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New and effective upgrades in products, technology, and features for a quality industrial cleaning system.

The year 2022 is looking great for ultrasonic cleaning with Sonixtek. The company is dedicated to provide quality industrial cleaning equipment and has recently been awarded ISO-9001 certification. The team focused on research and development in the last year to provide a range of quality products through upgrades and making features available for a quality ultrasonic cleaning experience.  

Sonixtek is releasing multiple new models and features to its impressive industrial cleaning line this year. Apart from these, new technologies to supplement ultrasonic cleaning are developing in the manufacturing. 

This year, Sonixtek is expanding its product line in industrial cleaning. Within the first quarter, Dry Tanks and Rotating Sprayer Washer is readily available. AL Industrial Lift Series also has an update and now have 75-litre capacity advanced ultrasonic cleaner on its series while AL-300 and AL-600 have a new compact design. 

Sonixtek will also release Dual Frequency Transducer boxes for retail. The extra feature is a helpful option for industrial ultrasonic cleaner users to select either from two close frequencies for their tanks. Also, a Barcode Scanner feature will be available to further automate the ultrasonic cleaning processes within the year. Feature Bubble Tank and both ST Standard Industrial and SF Industrial Filtration Pump Series will have a redesign and is set to release at the end of this year’s first quarter.

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For new technologies, Reverse Osmosis, Cooling system, and Dual Frequency will be introduced this year and the research team is already in their first phase for Reverse Osmosis, working on its initial testing and research. And as for the Multiple Tank Line, the team is on its final testing stage and is expected to complete by the end of Q1.  

It will be an exciting year for Sonixtek with the upcoming features, technology, and model units for a better ultrasonic cleaning experience for everyone.   

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