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Better Ultrasonic Cleaning for 2022 – Sonixtek

New and effective upgrades in products, technology, and features for a quality industrial cleaning system. The year 2022 is looking great for ultrasonic cleaning with Sonixtek. The company is dedicated to provide quality industrial cleaning equipment and has recently been awarded ISO-9001 certification. The team focused on research and development in the last year to provide a range of quality products through upgrades and making features available for a quality ultrasonic cleaning experience.   Sonixtek is releasing multiple new models and features to its impressive industrial cleaning line this year. Ap [ more]
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Cleaning liquids to use for ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning will get rid of any kind of contaminants from a wide variety of materials. Getting the right combination of ultrasonic power and frequency, heat, time, and cleaning liquid will give you the optimum cleaning capacity from using an ultrasonic cleaner.    Cleaning liquids improve the cavitation effect. As a result, your item gets a better cleaning than when you just use plain water. Just like ultrasonic cleaners [ more]
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What is ultrasonic cleaning?

There are many types of cleaning solutions that are available in the market today. One of the most popular and sophisticated ones is ultrasonic cleaning. Not only is it time-efficient, using an ultrasonic cleaner is cost effective and eco-friendly, as well.  Unlike manual cleaning which traditionally involves scrubbing and rinsing, using an ultrasonic cleaner  [ more]
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Cleaning time when using an ultrasonic cleaner

It has been previously discussed that there are four (4) key variables to consider when using an ultrasonic cleaner. Setting up your ultrasonic cleaners on these variables is important, and should be thoughtfully assessed, as these determine the overall result of the cleaning process for your parts. These key variables are chemistry, time, temperature and agitation. The cleaning time for an ultrasonic cleaner vary with different types of cleaning requirement. There are materials that have limitations when you have it run for cleaning. For example, a part should only be cleaned in a chemical with a pH of 7, or the cleaning time should only be under only 5 minutes. Or a part should be only be cleaned under 90°C to protect the material from d [ more]
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Agitation in ultrasonic cleaning

  Ultrasonic cleaning has been around for a couple of years and there have been a handful of researches that focuses on the science of this cleaning process. As a professional in this industry, one has to remember there are four key variables in cleaning: chemistry (of the cleaning liquid), temperature, time, and mechanical energy. These variables are not only true for ultrasonic cleaning; these are also important for other types of wet chemical cleaning. Although, one of the reasons for the popularity of ultrasonic cleaning is its ease-of-use, there are certain methods you can apply to your next cleaning process to improve the result. We will focus on one of the key variables to improve the overall quality of the cleaning process. When using an ultrasonic cleaner, the main mechanical process your object is subjected to are the cavitating bubbles. Even though this process generally addresses the [ more]
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Cleaning porous material with ultrasonic cleaner

The biggest advantage of using an ultrasonic cleaner for your cleaning solution is its universality. This sophisticated cleaner can reduce expensive man hours as it can effectively clean all types of materials, reaching even the smallest crevices and hard-to-reach areas. This is made possible due to the nature of the cavitating microscopic bubbles of the ultrasonic cleaning process. When a machine or a part is submerged in the ultrasonic cleaning tank, these cavitating bubbles reach all the surface areas as long as the machine is submerged in the cleaning liquid. Ultrasonic cleaning has proven its efficiency and ease of use, especially with smooth and contiguous materials. The cavitation bubbles implode on the contaminated area: this is the mechanical cleaning action of an ultrasonic cleaning. But if you are cleaning materials which are porous in nature, it might offer a cleaning challenge. The overall cleaning quality of an ultrasonic cleaner on a porous material may not be t [ more]
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Cleaning carburetor using ultrasonic cleaner

It is advised that carburetors in cars should be regularly cleaned to prevent carbon build up and improve the overall engine efficiency. Generally, carburetors mix air and gasoline for combustion. This part, however, has a lot of hard-to-reach crevices which make it difficult to clean manually. Manually cleaning a carburetor involves a several man-hours in addition to money spent on specialized cleaning kits. In this day and age, it is common to look for better and innovative ways to enhance work. Automotive shops should not fall behind times and invest in equipment that will greatly benefit the entire operations. One aspect which they can innovate is through investing in cleaning equipment. Ultrasonic cleaners are perfect for automotive shops. This cleaning equipment is time-efficient, environment-friendly, a [ more]
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Particle Size Removal vs. Ultrasonic Frequency

There’s no denying that using ultrasonic cleaners is one of today’s top cleaning methods with its efficiency and eco-friendliness. The powerful ultrasonic frequency in these machines can effectively remove almost all types of debris and contamination on virtually any surface. With an ultrasonic cleaner, removal of contaminants in different particle size through cavitation bubbles induced by ultrasonic frequency through liquids. These microscopic bubbles agitate the contaminants of [ more]
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Ultrasonic cleaning and disinfecting hairstyling tools

The cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising of hairstyling tools is an important part of hygiene in your hair salon. As a hairdresser you treat clients with instruments that come into contact with the client’s skin. Therefore, it’s important that the hairstyling tools are cleaned and disinfected before the treatment starts. Sonixtek ultrasonic cleaners are the perfect solution for this. By sending soundwaves through its cleaning bath, many small air bubbles are created. The collision of these bubbles creates implosions that guide currents along the objects. This creates a strong cleaning effect, ideal for cleaning your hairstyling tools. For optimum hygiene, instruments should be cleaned after they’ve been used, when they were put ready for use but not used, have fallen on the ground or have been removed from deactivating fluid (rinse with water first). To clean and disinfect hairstyling tools with an ultrasonic cleaner a suitable detergent is needed. In addition, gloves sho [ more]
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Disinfecting pedicure instruments using ultrasonic cleaning

In the wake of current events, sterilizing has become of even greater significance and that also goes for pedicure instruments in particular. Some pedicure tools have a complex shape, which makes cleaning and sterilizing by hand difficult and time-consuming. This is where Sonixtek ultrasonic cleaners come in. When choosing a suitable ultrasonic cleaner for your pedicure equipment, it’s important that you keep the equipment size in mind. It should be taken into consideration that the basket of the ultrasonic cleaner floats above the tank, and the tank itself can also not be completely filled to the brim with water. The Sonixtek SD Series 3L is perfectly suited for most pedicure equipment, with its large tank measuring 24cm in length and 14cm in width [ more]