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In the wake of current events, sterilizing has become of even greater significance and that also goes for pedicure instruments in particular. Some pedicure tools have a complex shape, which makes cleaning and sterilizing by hand difficult and time-consuming. This is where Sonixtek ultrasonic cleaners come in.

When choosing a suitable ultrasonic cleaner for your pedicure equipment, it’s important that you keep the equipment size in mind. It should be taken into consideration that the basket of the ultrasonic cleaner floats above the tank, and the tank itself can also not be completely filled to the brim with water. The Sonixtek SD Series 3L is perfectly suited for most pedicure equipment, with its large tank measuring 24cm in length and 14cm in width. This allows for multiple tools to be cleaned at the same time.

Sterilizing instruments in an ultrasonic cleaner should always be done in combination with a suitable detergent. We highly recommend Stammopur DR 8 for this purpose, which is a VAH-certified detergent specially designed for the disinfection of instruments. Adding 2% and setting the digital timer of the Sonixtek ultrasonic cleaner to 5 minutes is enough to get rid of pathogens. With the short treatment time Stammopur DR 8 is not only careful for sensitive instruments, it also ensures they are ready in no time for reuse. Quick and safe cleaning between pedicure sessions allow for greater peace of mind for you and your customers.

It is important to not clean for an extended time or to perform numerous cycles in direct succession. Ultrasonic energy generates heat and for every disinfecting detergent counts it should not be heated in excess of 45 degrees Celsius. The digital LED display and temperature control allows you to precisely manage the temperature on the Sonixtek SD Series 3L.

Stammopur DR 8 is highly compatible with numerous materials, such as metal (including alloys), glass, porcelain and plastics. It also protects against corrosion of iron-metals. Stammopur DR 8 is odorless and free of aldehyde, phenol and chlorine.