Many supplements in ultrasonic cleaning may be needed to remove desired contaminants better. The need may vary depending on the material and the goal for a particular industry. Listed below are different supplements for ultrasonic cleaners:

Cooling System

Most ultrasonic cleaners can be on temperatures between 55°C and 80°C and can be higher depending on the intention. When the temperature goes beyond the desired level, the heater stops. This can take time to cool down to reach the necessary temperature. To avoid this problem, this is where the cooling system supports the ultrasonic cleaning processes. It helps in cooling the temperature to reach the desired level.

Bubble Tanks

A bubble tank is helpful for extra cleaning to better aid the ultrasonic cleaning process. It emits large bubbles to dislodge extra residue rather than manual rinsing. This step can lessen cleaning time and human workload.


Overall, an ultrasonic cleaning machine is sufficient. This is one of the highly recommended technologies for industrial cleaning. However, these supplements for ultrasonic cleaning would provide a solution for minimal human intervention in the cleaning process, ultimately reducing human error.




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