There are many types of industrial cleaning for different purposes. However, these types can also go together for better cleaning processes. That is why Sonixtek offers a service that can customise multiple tank lines with different industrial cleaning operations. The service suits every industrial cleaning need in different industries and applications.

Parts Washers

One type of industrial cleaner is sprayer washers. These are machines or devices that use high-pressure jets that shoot water to items needed to be cleaned. The cleaning can be done by hand, which takes time and extra work; thus, automated sprayer washer machines are used in industrial cleaning. The machines can employ heating for better dislodging of contaminants. The platform of the washers can also rotate to reach all sides of the items being washed. Sonixtek Rotating Parts Washer has all of these features to ensure overall industrial cleaning.

Another machine that can better the industrial cleaning process is using a dry tank. A dryer tank is a turbine unit that dries and prevents moisture accumulation, resulting in spotting, rusting, and corrosion of items. The tank is mainly used after an ultrasonic bath or rinsing of items. It is a considered unit in the industrial cleaning process as it eliminates time-consuming hand drying, freeing staff to work in other areas and increasing productivity. Sonixtek DT Air Dryer Tank has all of these benefits to make industrial cleaning better.


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