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The cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising of hairstyling tools is an important part of hygiene in your hair salon. As a hairdresser you treat clients with instruments that come into contact with the client’s skin. Therefore, it’s important that the hairstyling tools are cleaned and disinfected before the treatment starts.

Sonixtek ultrasonic cleaners are the perfect solution for this. By sending soundwaves through its cleaning bath, many small air bubbles are created. The collision of these bubbles creates implosions that guide currents along the objects. This creates a strong cleaning effect, ideal for cleaning your hairstyling tools.

For optimum hygiene, instruments should be cleaned after they’ve been used, when they were put ready for use but not used, have fallen on the ground or have been removed from deactivating fluid (rinse with water first). To clean and disinfect hairstyling tools with an ultrasonic cleaner a suitable detergent is needed. In addition, gloves should be worn. Soft plastics and rubber should not be cleaned inside the ultrasonic cleaner, as it reduces the ultrasonic effect. The tank of the ultrasonic cleaner should be cleaned daily and the ultrasonic detergent should be replaced daily, or more often if soiling is visible on the bottom.

You can follow the steps laid out by the CvAE for the correct cleaning of hairstyling tools with an ultrasonic cleaner.

  1. Put on gloves.
  2. Fill the tank of the ultrasonic cleaner at least with the required amount of ultrasonic fluid according to the usage instructions. The instruments must be completely submerged in fluid. Do not come into direct contact with the ultrasonic liquid.
  3. Place the mesh basket with instruments in the ultrasonic cleaner. Before disinfection, cleaning must be done first, otherwise disinfection will not work.
  4. Set the temperature and duration according to the instructions and turn on the ultrasonic cleaner. The temperature shall not exceed 45℃.
  5. Remove the basket with instruments from the ultrasonic cleaner after the cleaning program has been completed.
  6. Rinse the instruments with sufficient cold tap water. Allow the mesh basket with the instruments to drain well.
  7. With new gloves or with cleaned and disinfected tweezers remove the instruments from the wire basket and place them in the disinfection tray with 70-80% alcohol. Close the disinfection tray immediately after use to prevent alcohol fumes.
  8. Disinfect the instruments by fully immersing them in the disinfection tray with 70-80% alcohol for at least 5 minutes.
  9. With gloves or cleaned and disinfected tweezers, remove the instruments from the disinfection tray.
  10. Let the instruments air dry on a clean (disposable) cloth.

It’s important to check instruments for damage and rust and dispose of them when necessary. Cleaned and disinfected instruments should be kept separate from dirty and undisinfected instruments. The cleaned and disinfected instruments should be stored in a clean, lockable plastic container, cabinet or under a clean (disposable) cloth. This lockable plastic container should also be cleaned and disinfected regularly.